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To the darkened skies once more, and ever onward...

So many years I stood among the thoughts and tears of those I served...

Admiral Ramirez
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Name:: Ramirez.
Source:: Skies of Arcadia / Legends.
Game:: multiversehaven.
Application:: Right here.
Scene List:: Right here.
Player:: aroihkin.
Status:: Active.
Same Player::
Priss Asagiri: burning_highway.
Astronema: astronema.
Skandranon: vainbird.
Amberdrake: empathic_healer.
Kunoichi: theplayoftheday.
Silverblade: empathic_silver.

Basic Stats:

Age: 24
Race: Silvite
Height: 182cm / 6ft
Weight: 72kg / 158.72lb


Galcian: People are not to be trusted. Depend on a person too much and they will betray your trust sooner or later. I only believe in power. Power will never betray you. And that is why I search this land for an even greater power. And if such a power exists, I swear, it shall be mine. You will someday understand the meaning of my words. When that day comes, I will be awaiting you.

Ramirez: [to Admiral Alfonso] Speak of Galcian again in that tone and I shall cleave you in two.

Aika: I don’t know what you mean by Lost Continent, but aren’t you people forgetting something? You only have five of the crystals. The battle isn’t over until you have all six!
Ramirez: You are correct... But, you don’t know about the sixth Crystal... the Silver Crystal... Watch closely...
Vyse: What the?!
Aika: In... his hand? The Silver Crystal?!
Fina: Aahh!
Aika: Fina!!
Ramirez: All Silvites are born with a piece of the Silver Crystal within them. In other words... the Silver Crystal contains our life force. Only through death, can the Crystal be retrieved from our bodies. Unlike Teodora, we are not interested in Fina’s knowledge of the ancients. We are interested in the Crystal within her body! Fina, you shall give me the sixth Crystal...
Aika: He’s killing Fina!!!
Vyse: Fina!
Ramirez: Come, Fina... Give your life to Lord Galcian!

Fina: This... This is Ramirez’s old room... He lived here before... before he joined with Valua.
[look at model ship on bed]
Fina: Ramirez built this a long time ago. He’s very artistic. There wasn’t much that he couldn’t do if he put his mind to it.
Fina: When I was little, he used to make necklaces and bracelets for me all the time...
[look at model ship on shelf]
Vyse: It’s a model of a really old propeller-driven air ship... But, the level of detail on this thing is just amazing!
Fina: Ramirez made it while he was still living here. He used to tell me that all he wanted to do was just “sail through the vast skies of the world.”
[look at books on table]
Fina: It’s an entire history of the world written in the holy script of the Silvites.
Fina: Ramirez used to spend all of his time reading this book. He was so intrigued with the little intricacies of the world...
[look at map on table]
Vyse: It’s a map of the entire world. There are smudges all over it and there’s a bunch of stuff written in some foreign language...
Fina: Ramirez used to love looking at maps... He said that it made the world look so small... I never quite understood what he meant by that...

Ramirez: Elders, I understand your wish to mold the world into how you see fit. But... You will not be the ones with the power to make that decision.